From Rang Barse to Balam Pichkari, top 10 Holi songs of all time

Colours, bhaang and some naach-gaana, Bollywood has immortalised the festival of colours with some flirting and these songs have always been a hit among the audiences. Most of these songs are still the first choice on Holi which is one of the most popular Indian Festival in Bollywood Industry. Bollywood celebrates Holi with passion and enthusiasm, and these 10 best Holi Songs shows that love.

1.Rang Barse bheege chunar wali

Yes, this is the ultimate holi song. Everybody listens to this song atleast once, either by themselves or because someone else is listening is listening this.

2. Balam Pichkari

It is the modern Rang Barse, they say. This song captures the youth’s vibe and is still a major hit during holi.

3. Do me a favour

With it’s catchy tune and traditional lyrics, this song perfectly holds the vibe.

4. Holi khele raghuvira

This is yet another song featuring Amitabh Bachhan and Hema Malini shows the holi spirit in a family.

5. Soni soni ankhiyon wali

A song from the movie Mohabbatein ensembling the whole cast in a single song.

6. Aaj na chhorenge bas hum

Belonging to a hit film Kati Patang, this song gets everyone grooving in retro style.

7. Jai jai shiv shankar

This song celebrates Bhaang and therefore is forever cherished among the holi tunes.

8. Ang se ang lagana

A song from movie Darr shows how to play holi.

9. Holi ke din dil

A song from a mega blockbuster Sholay featured Hema Malini is still counted among top holi songs.

10. Chhaan ke mohalla

A song from movie Action Replayy is one of the most colourful song of all time.




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