Book of the week- Behind closed doors by Jenny Tomlin

Behind closed doors is based on a true story of a young girl and her survival against abuse and neglect. Jenny grew up with three sisters and two brothers at a house where there was no comfort or warmth and fear was the only constant. Her earliest memories of childhood consists of her waking up to the noise of her mother being thrown against the wall by her father. The book describes her struggle from her childhood that was spent in squalor and terror to becoming a young self ensured and a confident woman, all in the attempt of keeping her promise that she made to herself- to survive and not let the wrath and doings of her father define her life. With an abusive father who regularly assaulted and beat up her mother and siblings and a neglecting mother who was much too preoccupied to make her husband happy, she learned that she has to look out for herself and make it on her own at the tender age of 6. The book is an account of how she broke free of her past with the help of her “Auntie”, her constant support and the only link to a normal life, her friends and her siblings who turned to each other for comfort and solace.

Famous Quotes from the book:

1) “ She had already reinvented the past and perhaps that was how she coped.”

2) “No matter what happens, hold your head high, put on a smile and be the best you can be.”

3) “Over the years it was friends who helped me survive and stood by me.”

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